Herbal Essences bio:renew White Strawberry & Mint Shampoo – 400ml

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White strawberries? They’re exactly what they sound like! White strawberries are like red strawberries, but without a key protein, which leaves their skin white and their seeds red. Fear not, these fruits still develop the same flavour and aroma as their red counterparts! Strawberries are believed to be native to America.

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Herbal Essences bio:renew White Strawberry & Mint Shampoo is a shampoo formulated to cleanse hair. It is enriched with histidine, sea kelp and aloe to help remove the build up of free radicals and revive dull, lifeless hair after every wash. Hair is left touchably smooth and full of life. The shampoo is free of colourants, parabens and gluten.

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