X Gold Health Maca+ Korean Panax Ginseng – 120 capsules (USA)

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Why Choose These Capsules?
All Natural and Non-GMO ingredients
3 specially sourced Maca Root Extracts Blend; Black Maca, Red Maca, and Yellow Maca
Made from extract instead of powder for higher potency
Maca: 20x the potency
Korean Panax Ginseng: 10x the potency.
Tested Twice for Quality and Purity
Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free
No Synthetic Fillers and No Animal Gelatin.
May Provide with an Energy Boost, Stamina, Performance & Extra Focus for the entire day.

Made in Korea

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POWER OF MACA + GINSENG EXTRACT IN ONE – A powerful blend of 10,000mg Maca (20X MORE STRENGTH)  and 1400mg Korean Panax Ginseng (10X MORE STRENGTH), this all-natural formula is specially designed to help provide you with an energy boost, stamina, performance, and focus for the entire day.

PRECISE BLEND FOR HIGHER POTENCY – These Maca root pills are made with premium-grade maca extracts grown and cultivated in Peru using an extraction process to ensure a 20:1 extract ratio and Korean Panax Ginseng 10:1 extract ratio for increased efficiency.

X Gold Health Maca+ Korean Panax Ginseng - 120 capsules (USA)

POTENT MACA TRI-BLEND –  X Gold Health Maca plus Ginseng capsules contain 500mg of the highest quality maca root powder are made from a tri-blend of carefully selected black, yellow, and red maca root extracts in each pill using an extraction process to get 20x the potency of normal Maca powder ensure a 20:1 extract ratio (or the equivalent of 10,000mg of raw maca powder) – specifically blended together to help you rediscover your energy and vitality.

MORE THAN JUST KOREAN PANAX JINSENG – This Maca plus Ginseng Supplement also contains 140 mg worth of Korean Panax Ginseng leaf which has been steamed at high temperatures using an extraction process to ensure a 10:1 extract ratio (or the equivalent of 1,400mg). The sun-dried ginseng roots powder combined helps provide optimal benefits at 10x the more potency.

HIGH STANDARDS OF PURITY – MADE IN THE USA – To ensure only the highest quality product all our products are manufactured in a GMP-certified non-GMO factory in the USA. We’re proud to offer research-backed supplements formulated using only premium ingredients for maximum effectiveness; our Maca root plus Panax Ginseng capsules for men and women is vegan friendly and contains No gluten, soy, eggs, dairy, nuts, or preservatives.


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