4711 Original Eau de Cologne Body Spray – 100ml

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Get a refreshing boost of the 4711 fragrance with the 4711 Body Spray, a reviving body scent.
Ideal as a cooling tonic, the formulation scintillates with a cascade of citrus notes, which work to quench and refresh the senses. A wealth of essential oils have an aromatherapeutic effect and work to re-energize the senses with each and every application.

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4711 Original EdC Body Spray is perfect for any occasion. It revitalizes the senses with citrus top notes and calms and relaxes the nerves with the herbal heart notes of lavender and rosemary combined with base notes of neroli. Working all together they have a calming effect creating a positive mood. Keep smelling zesty and fresh all day long with 4711 Original Body spray.

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